Decor for Hotels
Hospitality Products such as Mattress, Bed Linen, Bath Linen, Bath Sets, Flooring Mats, Pillow & Cushions are designed to provide Luxury comforts for the guest. Our experts assist you to choose from the best of the product line to suit your needs.
We take care of all the decor that your hotel room would ask for. Just ping us with your requirements & our experts will get back to you with best possible quote.  
Office Decor
Decor for offices creates an atmosphere to increase your productivity & provide a calm and soothing environment to work around.
Office Flooring such as carpet tiles, click & lock tiles are fun way to play with the design as per your work. Also Sofas for waiting area is something to lookout for. 
Decor for Hospitals
Care-giving outlines most hospital stays and this is why you need furnishings that are functional and pleasing to the eye.
Get the bed sheets with customised name Printed / Embroidered on it. Fill in the details and our expert will get back to you in a while !